OUTPOST Gallery Copenhagen
is a collaborative platform for art made in association with V1 Gallery

She's heavy. Sometimes whimsical. Sometimes she won't come.
Weary also! A real prison, with no walls or bars,
Addicted to a single surface, like drugs; she's passion.
Then, she comes without warning, organised around the light.
Extends, catches all the space, claiming it's hers, and decides when it's the right time or when to stop.
Impossible not to think about her.
But the more we think of her, the less she expresses.
Not fun every day...
When it's time for war: a deaf speech where words comes out backwards; a fixed mind.
She acts out with her body. A child of the present.
Like everyone, she grows up, evolves, changes her shapes on a black and white background, and she often takes the pleasure to puzzle.
Warm, heavy, elegant, sophisticated, stubborn,
She plays the pop star with a figureless face who seeks in the pot, its allure and charms drawn from its environment.